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12 septembre , 2005
Edition of the prestigious Festival of Cinema of San Sebastián enjoys the 53.    >> more information
TV rooms
Windows Climalit
Heating in every room
WI-FI connection


Enjoy with the famous Basque gastronomy.

Our lodging is located in the most typical zone of San Sebastián: The Old Part.



C/Fermín Calbetón Nº21 - 5ºC
20,003 San Sebastián
Tfnos: 943 43 04 87 - 677 066 900


In airplane: From Madrid there are two daily flights to San Sebastián. From Barcelona one newspaper. The airport is located in Hondarribia/Fuenterrabia. From the airport so much can be taken a bus as much a taxi to arrive at Donostia. Number telephone airport: 943.668500.

In train: From Madrid, by means of the RENFE it is possible to be arrived at San Sebastián, or even to Irún or border with France. Also there are trains that connect it with Barcelona. It can be recommendable to take a nocturnal train from Madrid or Barcelona (on the 6 hours from Madrid, 7 from Barcelona). From Paris Awkward person "of the Eusko company can be taken the TGV (Train of High Speed pertaining to French company SNCF) to Hendaia/Hendaye, and be combined it in his last 20 km with the train, called" Train, that connects Hendaia with Donostia (both stations of train are one in front of the other in Hendaia). From Bilbao or Pamplona he is more advisable to take a bus.

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